Riverside Township

Riverside Township

Riverside, NJ  |  View Map Riverside is located at the confluence of the Delaware River and Rancocas Creek, an important interior waterway since prehistoric times. Once a bustling industrial center, today it is primarily residential and has a diverse population of around 7,000. It is a compact town with an area of less than two […]

Delanco Township

The Alligator

Delanco, NJ  |  View Map This compact residential community is strategically positioned at the confluence of the Delaware River and Rancocas Creek, which has been an important waterway since prehistoric times. English Quakers began farming here in the 1670s but it remained a sparsely populated corner of Burlington County until the land boom in the […]

Edgewater Park Township

Edgewater Park Township

Edgewater Park, NJ  |  View Map Prior to 1924, there was no Edgewater Park Township. Edgewater Park was an extension of Beverly’s fashionable riverside residential district, with large homes on deep lots. Today the township’s riverfront is still a private residential area. In 1924, the New Jersey legislature created Edgewater Park Township from Beverly Township […]

Beverly City

Beverly City

Beverly, NJ  |  View Map Beverly began as a ferry crossing and transportation continued to be a major theme in this small borough’s history. Today’s Beverly encompasses two earlier settlements. A small crossroads community grew up around the New Jersey terminus of Dunk’s Ferry, an important river crossing created in the 1690s for the first […]

Burlington City

Burlington City

View Map With an area less than four square miles and a population of around 10,000, this small municipality ranks as one of New Jersey’s most historic towns. Until the seventeenth century, the Lenapi of the Delaware nation were the sole human inhabitants. Both Dutch and Swedish traders explored the area in the early 1600s. […]

U.S. Pipe & Foundry, Burlington City

McNeal Mansion

1101 East Pearl Street, Burlington, NJ  |  View Map Southern New Jersey’s plentiful supplies of water, wood, and bog ore provided the essential ingredients for iron making, one of the state’s earliest and most important industries. In the nineteenth century, cast iron pipe became one of the key specialty products in the Delaware Valley, and […]

Burlington Island

Burlington Island Island Beach Amusement Park Roller Coaster

Burlington, NJ  |  View Map Burlington Island lies directly opposite the city of Burlington and the histories of the two places have been intertwined for centuries. The island is identified as Mattinecunck Island on early maps and is the site of one of New Jersey’s first European settlements. The 300-acre island has changed ownership many […]

Borough of Fieldsboro

Fieldsboro, NJ  |  View Map Measuring less than half a square mile in area, Fieldsboro is the smallest municipality in Burlington County. It is bordered by the Delaware River and Bordentown Township, from which it separated in the late nineteenth century. The borough has a population of approximately 600 and is primarily residential. In early […]

The Roebling Company’s Kinkora Works

Hornberger Avenue & Second Avenue, Roebling, NJ  |  View Map John A. Roebling (1806-1869) was a German born engineer and inventor who helped design and construct some of the country’s landmark suspension bridges. One of Roebling’s most important innovations was the wire rope he developed as a substitute for the massive hemp ropes used in […]

The Camden & Amboy Railroad

Located between two of the nation’s most important cities, New Jersey has long been an important corridor for the transport of people and goods in the Mid Atlantic region. It seemed inevitable that important developments in transportation would start here, and that the Delaware River would play a key supporting role in that transformation. The […]